Ace your Uber or Lyft job interview! 💯

Recruiting tips, interview questions, and hiring process coaching for corporate candidates at Uber or Lyft

Presented by Harry Campbell & The Rideshare Guy Team

Are you interviewing for a corporate role at Uber or Lyft?

There’s no need to be nervous, we’re here to help!

Learn from someone who’s sat on stage and interviewed Uber’s CEO. Harry Campbell, aka The Rideshare Guy is the top authority in the space, and has been featured in numerous media outlets. He’s published The Rideshare Guide and now he and his team want to help you land your dream job. Whether you’re an engineer, operations manager, or marketer, the RSG interview prep package is designed to boost your knowledge of the sector and fill your gaps—especially if you’ve never actually driven for Uber/Lyft.

Stand out from the crowd by learning sector-specific knowledge, hot topics and trends, and insider tips. You probably got help for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, or GRE—this package is prep for your corporate career in ridesharing.

What you’ll get

  • Access to our 2018 survey of 1,100 drivers—use this data to color your case study responses and show that you care. Check out the full question list here.

  • Practice interview questions and answers, including case studies

  • Sparknotes-style summaries of recent developments in rideshare, AV and mobility (that’s autonomous vehicles, in case you were wondering)

Free Bonus

  • Ask us anything you want with unlimited email follow-ups for one week!

“If you’re new to Uber & Lyft, take some of the stress out of your upcoming interview by gaining insider knowledge on the rideshare industry.”

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy


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At $249, a small price to pay for the potential salary when you get the job.

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